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After writing the blog post on Missy Rebovich and her dad, David, I received an email from Rider University’s communications director, Dan Higgins.

Dan had dug into his files and sent a few photos along with his note. I’m posting those but I also wanted to share with the blog’s readers (with his blessings) the note Dan sent because of its candor and what it says about Missy.

As I said after the piece that aired, David would be proud. Her Mom, Jane O’Connor, surviving grandparents and the rest of her support team are, too, and rightly so.

Missy with Ben Dworkin, director of the institute named for her father, David.

Missy, Ben and others involved with the Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics.

Missy Rebovich helps Rider University President Mordechai Rozanski unveil the re-named Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics back in November, 2008.


When I was first interviewing for this job, one of the attractions was that I was going to have the opportunity to work with David Rebovich and the Institute for New Jersey Politics. I had watched him on NJN and read his insights in all of the New Jersey papers and politickernj.com for years. We had a couple of meetings in my first two months on the job and were making plans for future programs at Rider. Then, I received the phone call about his heart attack. The entire Rider community was in shock.

But somehow, having Missy as part of our Rider family helped all of us heal. The announcement to keep the Institute going and to rename it in honor of her father was made at the 2008 Commencement ceremony, and the formal dedication was held in the fall with Missy and President Rozanski unveiling the new Rebovich Institute sign. Missy and I served together on the hiring committee to find a new director, and I know it has been a great help to Ben Dworkin that Missy not only endorsed his selection, but in fact advocated for it.

As I am sure you found during your interview, she is quite an impressive young lady and has a great future ahead of her. Thanks again for sharing your blog with me. I have posted it on our Facebook page and hope that all of our fans take a look at it.



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 On Monday, election eve, I did a story on Missy Rebovich, daughter of the late Rider University political analyst David Rebovich, a fixture on the New Jersey political landscape until his untimely passing three years ago at the age of 58. What follows is the back-story to that story, a link to the story itself, and a couple of photos on the Rider University campus, where Missy, 21, is a senior now, and where NJN News photographer Bob Hartman and I caught up with her several weeks ago for an interview. (more…)

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