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I’m glad I was sitting down when I read the latest press release from the Delaware River Port Authority yesterday.

Because if I weren’t, my knees surely would’ve buckled and I would have fallen over here in the newsroom; sending my colleagues scurrying for the nearest medic when we needed to put a broadcast together on deadline. (more…)


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Lots of fallout and lots being written and reported about the Delaware River Port Authority and alleged excesses and abuses at the bi-state agency shared by New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Too bad NJN State House Correspondent Zachary Fink, our hard-nosed, hard-driving reporter who broke the initial story last month about questionable goings-on at the Delware River Port Authority, is on vacation so isn’t reporting some of these developments himself. Not that Zack or anybody here wishes the authority ill-will. Quite the contrary. An authority running in tip-top form would be a thing of beauty; especially for the train riders and toll payers who foot the bill. (more…)

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