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File this post under “just askin’.”

Gov. Christie, he of the rising GOP star on the national stage, is off on another national whirlwind campaign tour this last weekend before the all-important mid-term elections with a number of other major players in the Republican party who are looked upon as contenders in the 2012 presidential race.

So here’s the question.

There are three tight Congressional races here in Jersey where the Republicans have a good chance of knocking off the Democratic incumbents (see previous post). So I’m wondering why the governor — with approval ratings here in Jersey of over 50 percent — isn’t hitting the stump for the home-grown candidates in his own state.

I haven’t seen much about this out there in the press. I’ll pop the question to Montclair University political scientist Brigid Harrison tonight on NJN News in our Inside Politics segment. I’m looking forward to hearing her take on it. You can listen along with me on NJN2 at 5:30 or at 6, 7:30 or 11 p.m. NJN.

Of course, it’ll also be archived for a week on njn.net.

Oh, and one more thing, State House Correspondent Zachary Fink and Photographer Bob Hartman were out early this morning to cover the action with Gov. Christie at an airport in Reading, Pa.

So you can catch that story tonight, too. Another I’m looking forward to watching.

See ya on the tube.


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