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It was new to me, but as some dear readers surely already know, when you write a blog there also comes along with it some stats you can peek at; at least here at WordPress. Things like what search terms were used to get to the blog, how many times individual posts are read and which links have been clicked on.

By far, the most referrals this relatively new blog has had so far come from the station’s own website, njn.net. Seems like folks are browsing the site and coming across the blog and checking it out at least. It’s nice to have a ready-made audience; or readership as I suppose they may call it here in blogdom.

I have a buddy who shall remain nameless who writes a very popular political column here in the state and I shared these revelations with him the other day. I told him how I enjoyed looking at the stats to see how many folks are stopping by and reading.

He says he won’t dare to look at his “hits” because he’s afraid what the numbers may show. I told him I thought he oughta because I think he’d be pleasantly surprised by how many people enjoy reading his particular brand of entertaining insight online in addition to the printed version.

So why am I sharing these thoughts here now?

Well it turns out the blog of yours truly, begun in late July, recently crossed the 1,000 visits threshhold. I liked seeing that figure because it’s a nice round number that’s got some heft to it for the relative newness of the enterprise. Sure, I’d love to see that many hits a week, a day, an hour even; as I’m sure many in this world do.

So, no, it isn’t quite up to the level of, say, the New York Times Bestseller list or TMZ.com, but I’ll take it for now. And if you like what you’re reading, why then, be sure to tell a friend.

And I’ll let ya know when we hit the next thousand mark milestone and beyond.

Til then, you’re invited to keep on reading, and watching.


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