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After my last post on StoryCorps, I wanted to give credit where credit’s due in terms of who from NJN was responsible for getting the group here; add a couple of photos of the gang out at the StoryCorps site in Trenton and provide a link to NJN’s site specially set up for the program where you can find some Jersey folks who’ve offered their stories (and from which you can also get to the organization’s main site).
First off, it was Susan Wallner, a producer/director who works on State of the Arts and other fine NJN programming, who arranged for StoryCorps to come and for NJN to share its name and co-sponsorship with such a fine organization.
She didn’t brag about it; in fact I had to ask her to get it out of her. She said she got the wheels rolling about a year ago. The project was all booked up at the time, but was kind enough to pen Trenton into the calendar for the past month or so that they’ve been here.
At bottom are a couple more photos. You’ll see Susan, myself, Lilly Sullivan of StoryCorps and Sia Nyorkor of NJN News and Radio in the first shot. And Susan, myself, Lilly and NJN News Cameraman (and resident history buff) Tim Stollery in the second shot.
Lilly’s co-workers on the road are Virginia Lora, raised in Peru before moving to Miami when she was 11; and Marquita James, Louisiana-bred.
Oh, and one last thing from a parting conversation Lilly and I had last night.
She says the time has flown by; she doesn’t know where it’s gone and she’s gonna miss this place.
We’ll miss you and yours, too, Lilly. Thanks for stopping in and brightening things up around here for awhile.
Oh, and you’re welcome back around these parts anytime.
Here’s the original story we did on Storycorps:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Left to right: Susan Wallner, Jim Hooker, Lilly Sullivan, Sia Nyorkor

From left to right: Susan Wallner, Jim Hooker, Lilly Sullivan, and Tim Stollery


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