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About our special election show last night, I think it was pretty much as advertised. Three pretty competitive Congressional races in a state where you’re lucky to get one among our 13 seats in any given election year.

But national politics looks to have played here as well so the 3rd, 6th and 12th (see previous post) didn’t disappoint in terms of drama at least early in the night when early returns showed the Republicans sweeping the Democratic incumbents out of all three. (more…)


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File this post under “just askin’.”

Gov. Christie, he of the rising GOP star on the national stage, is off on another national whirlwind campaign tour this last weekend before the all-important mid-term elections with a number of other major players in the Republican party who are looked upon as contenders in the 2012 presidential race.

So here’s the question.

There are three tight Congressional races here in Jersey where the Republicans have a good chance of knocking off the Democratic incumbents (see previous post). So I’m wondering why the governor — with approval ratings here in Jersey of over 50 percent — isn’t hitting the stump for the home-grown candidates in his own state.

I haven’t seen much about this out there in the press. I’ll pop the question to Montclair University political scientist Brigid Harrison tonight on NJN News in our Inside Politics segment. I’m looking forward to hearing her take on it. You can listen along with me on NJN2 at 5:30 or at 6, 7:30 or 11 p.m. NJN.

Of course, it’ll also be archived for a week on njn.net.

Oh, and one more thing, State House Correspondent Zachary Fink and Photographer Bob Hartman were out early this morning to cover the action with Gov. Christie at an airport in Reading, Pa.

So you can catch that story tonight, too. Another I’m looking forward to watching.

See ya on the tube.

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No one, to my knowledge, has given next Tuesday’s general election any kind of nickname or nom de guerre, if you will, but to paraphrase the late Ed Sullivan, it’s going to be a really big show.

Our live election night coverage beginning at 8 on NJN as well as on our website (njn.net) and NJN radio should be fun, lively and engaging. So be sure to tune in if you have any interest at all in state, national and even local politics as this one plays out.

Pundits to the left, right and center are all predicting a landslide victory for the Republicans to the point where flipping Democratic control of the House of Representatives is virtually guaranteed and a 10-seat swing for control of the Senate — unthinkable a few months back — is considered at least an outside shot.

Here in New Jersey there are three House races where all three Democratic incumbents are, if not on the ropes, at least running scared. (more…)

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It may seem early, but not for the prognosticators of all stripes nor for the wheels of U.S. presidential election politics to start turning.

In fact, from all I read and hear, you’re late to the game if you don’t start laying the groundwork for a national campaign a couple years out, and that would be right about now.

New Jersey’s governor has been on a nationwide tour for Republican candidates these past number of weeks. He hit the road — or more accurately, the air, aboard GOP-paid chartered jets — for candidates from California to Ohio, to Illinois, to Michigan to, ahem, Iowa. (more…)

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I’m glad I was sitting down when I read the latest press release from the Delaware River Port Authority yesterday.

Because if I weren’t, my knees surely would’ve buckled and I would have fallen over here in the newsroom; sending my colleagues scurrying for the nearest medic when we needed to put a broadcast together on deadline. (more…)

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I thought it might be of interest to NJN viewers to talk about the decision that was made to carry live on our air and on the internet the public hearings convened by the special legislative task force delving into the future of New Jersey Network. I was among those who advocated for it.

We’ve carried the first two in their entirety — the first Tuesday at the State House in Trenton; the second yesterday at Richard Stockton College in Pomona, Atlantic County — and plan to carry the third in its entirety next Thursday beginning at 6 p.m. from Montclair, Essex County.


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Lawmakers are getting together again today for one of those rare summer session days.
The full state Senate has a session today, August 23rd.
The Assembly Budget Committee had a big confab Aug. 5, largely to bring attention to public worker pension systems that are in deep deficit and Gov. Christie’s decision not to put in his budget the $3 billion payment due from the state (Christie says he doesn’t want to contribute until fixes are made); part of that $11 billion budget gap the administration says it closed. (more…)

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